Election 2014

Election 2014: Nats’ promises to you

Tax cuts are coming for most New Zealanders … but you’re going to have to wait for three years.The lure of tax cuts was one of the few fresh carrots offered by National in the lead-up to last night’s election, with Prime Minister…


Teacher acquitted of touching pupils

A jury took more than two days to acquit an Auckland primary school teacher of all charges of indecent conduct against 10 of his female pupils.

Where the left wrong – panel

While Saturday night’s result wasn’t a surprise to everyone, plenty of people were taken aback by the National Party’s victory, which will enable it to govern alone.

Pacific islands prepare for cyclone season

Lundy’s lawyers settle court cost reimbursement

After almost a year out of prison on strict bail conditions, double-murder-accused Mark Lundy is in Wellington for a pre-trial hearing.


Obama congratulates Key on election win

US President Barack Obama called to congratulate John Key on his election win – and the prime minister didn’t realise who was on the phone.

John Key’s outlook, goals for the next three years

Just 48 hours after New Zealand’s general election, John Key sat down with John Campbell in Wellington after he was elected for another three years as Prime Minister.

Fiji coup leader sworn in as PM

Opinion: Why I don’t vote

“Until today I’ve always tried to keep my non-voting habits to myself. Because if there is one thing that truly raises heckles, it is the idea that people don’t vote.”

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