Election 2014

John Armstrong: Dirty Politics furore getting in way of campaign’s economic questions

If – as the participants keep insisting – this election is really about “the things that matter”, then the question of which of the two major parties has the economic agenda with the most foresight would be dominating the campaign.That…

Leaders’ debate: Who did Facebook like last night?

Labour Leader David Cunliffe’s performance saw him create a slightly bigger buzz than Prime Minister John Key among Facebook’s 2.4 million New Zealand users during last night’s leaders’ debate, according to data supplied by the social…

Poll finds rich-poor gap is the big election issue

Pick’n'fix: Parties push their cures for housing ills

Auckland’s home affordability headache won’t be solved in a hurry but both National and Labour now have quick fixes for desperate home buyers.The National Government’s announcement on Sunday of an extra $218 million for first-home…


Quakes and the vote

Lucy Warhurst takes the pulse of Christchurch nearly four years after the first quake rattled the city.

Critically injured man found in Auckland

A man has been found unconscious with critical injuries on a footpath in Otahuhu after socialising with family.

Drivers injured in two-car crash

Video: Judith Collins announces resignation

Judith Collins has quit as a minister, but she denies allegations she was trying to undermine the then director of the Serious Fraud Office in 2011.


Cunliffe’s Lochinver sale stance weakening – Key

The foreign ownership debate has flared up again, with a hot springs resort being sold to Chinese buyers.

Opinion: Cunliffe stronger than Key in debate

Overall, Cunliffe came out stronger than an increasingly tetchy Key.

3 News: Best of the week – August 29, 2014

National pledges more forestry funding

National is promising to invest $22.5M in forestry if it wins the election.

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