Election 2014

Grants and tax credits big issues in tech debate

Despite the building tension surrounding the election, the first major debate between party representatives on technology and innovation remained relatively civil – aside from the odd eye roll.The debate, organised by the Technology…

Election 2014: Labour sells new tax as Nats hint at cuts

The first leaders’ debate on Thursday had barely begun before Prime Minister John Key mentioned the way National had managed the economy through the Global Financial Crisis and the Christchurch earthquakes.The more he emphasises…

Bernard Hickey: Subsidies fuel heated market

Family tragedy over shadows campaign launch

A political candidate who learned of a family tragedy during the launch of her party’s election campaign is paying tribute to her dead sister as she returns to the hustings.Mana list candidate Tangi Tipene received the bombshell…


Staff fled as gun fired

Two Work and Income staff made a desperate dash for the back door of their Ashburton office when the shooting started.

New species of kaka discovered – a bit late

A new species of bird has been found – but sadly it has been extinct for several hundred years.

Kiwi veteran aims to break cross-US record

Worker denounces port safety

Lyttelton Port workers were jump-starting a straddle-crane when the scissor-lift Brad Fletcher was in toppled over and threw him from a height, The Press understands.


Speed Dates with the Leaders: Laila Harre

She’s been a member of Labour, NewLabour, Alliance and now leads the Internet Party – she met up with Rebecca Wright for a round of rapid fire questions in her home.

Growing concern for National’s campaign

With less than three weeks until the election, National has several growing problems. How much more dirt is there to come?

Dotcom only interested in ‘retribution’ – Beyer

Collins inquiry won’t focus on Dirty Politics

John Key confirmed the inquiry regarding Judith Collins will not include wider allegations made in Dirty Politics and has ruled out a Royal Commission.

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