Election 2014

Grants and tax credits big issues in tech debate

Despite the building tension surrounding the election, the first major debate between party representatives on technology and innovation remained relatively civil – aside from the odd eye roll.The debate, organised by the Technology…

Election 2014: Labour sells new tax as Nats hint at cuts

The first leaders’ debate on Thursday had barely begun before Prime Minister John Key mentioned the way National had managed the economy through the Global Financial Crisis and the Christchurch earthquakes.The more he emphasises…

Bernard Hickey: Subsidies fuel heated market

Family tragedy over shadows campaign launch

A political candidate who learned of a family tragedy during the launch of her party’s election campaign is paying tribute to her dead sister as she returns to the hustings.Mana list candidate Tangi Tipene received the bombshell…


Whale Oil quiet on Hotchin allegations

The former head of the Serious Fraud Office believes the head of Hanover Finance may have been behind a smear campaign against him.

Ashburton shooting one of many WINZ attacks

Today’s shooting at a Work and Income office in Ashburton is not the first attack at a government department office.

Govt blamed for banned ship’s entry to Tauranga

Susan Devoy speaks out about treatment of Maori

The race relations commissioner is urging stores to “do the right thing” after two instances of Maori women being badly treated.


Collins inquiry won’t focus on Dirty Politics

John Key confirmed the inquiry regarding Judith Collins will not include wider allegations made in Dirty Politics and has ruled out a Royal Commission.

Video: John Key’s full news conference

John Key held a press conference this afternoon, discussing the fatal shootings in Ashburton and the inquiry into former Justice Minister Judith Collins.

Your election choices – by the numbers

Key ‘completely relaxed’ about SIS hearing

Steven Joyce says there seem to be two election campaigns running: one that’s sitting on the front pages of the newspapers, and the real one.

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