Election 2014

Flavell given portfolio renamed to reflect ‘new focus’ on Maori future

Maori Party co-leader Te Ururoa Flavell’s appointment to head the newly rebranded Maori Development portfolio reflects a new focus for what used to be Maori Affairs, Prime Minister John Key says.Mr Flavell was appointed as Maori…

Final election results in: National loses majority

• National loses a seat• Greens gain a seat• Andrew Little is safe The National Party can no longer govern alone as the final election results left them with one fewer seat than on election night.That seat will…

Bryce Edwards: Labour’s fraction too much friction

Paula Bennett ‘a big asset’ for National – Key

Prime Minister John Key has praised Paula Bennett as “a big asset” for National, but will not go as far as tipping her to succeed him.Mrs Bennett is one of several MPs who are seen as potential leaders of the National Party when…


The new terror threat

His Twitter handle is “Kiwi Jihadi”.

Quakes reveal hoarding squalor

Horrendous living conditions have come to light as agencies across Christchurch grapple with how to deal with extreme hoarders.

From the farm to the Beehive

‘Have you seen my baby?’

The parents of the baby snatched from a Hamilton flat ran from their home, frantically asking anyone passing by if they had seen their child.


Special broadcast: Labour leadership debate

Here’s your chance to hear from the four candidates who want to be Leader of the Opposition.

Tea breaks – are they really under threat?

It’s been a busy week in politics, from the ‘tea break’ Bill to the Prime Minister opening up about what he called “the campaign from hell”.

Labour sceptical about holiday pay change

Christchurch state house repairs reach milestone

Half of the damaged state houses in Christchurch have been repaired but there’s 2500 still to be fixed.

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