Election 2014

Editorial: Abandoned policies show Labour’s new responsibility

The Labour Party has broken new ground in election campaigns by announcing cuts to spending that it had not announced. Leader David Cunliffe and finance spokesman David Parker called a press conference to say they had shaved $300…

Govt looking at charter rules change

Allowing tertiary institutions to run charter schools is being considered.Five of the schools opened this year and Education Minister Hekia Parata is in negotiation with those hoping to open more next year.The publicly-funded…

Election 2014: Labour’s three gender options for passports

Election 2014: Mine blast rings on in PM’s ears

It started well enough, but John Key left Greymouth with a heartfelt plea from the widow of one of the 29 dead Pike River miners ringing in his ears.The Prime Minister visited the West Coast yesterday and while the Pike River families…


Key’s Dirty Politics problems come together

Cameron Slater arrived back in the country this morning, just before Winston Peters accused Judith Collins of betraying the Prime Minister.

IPCA: Police heavy-handed when shutting down parties

The police complaints watchdog says officers have been heavy-handed when shutting down parties.

Dunedin Council manager resigns over fraud probe

Internet Mana has another media blowout

The Internet Mana Party has had another media blowout, with Hone Harawira stopping an interview and walking off.


Opinion: Labour’s listless, shambolic campaign

“Labour is going backwards when it should be going forward. That means something is seriously wrong with its campaign.”

Poll shows Dirty Politics a ‘boom-shaker’

3 News political editor Patrick Gower says Dirty Politics has been “a real boom-shaker”, with National’s support dropping to “unthinkable” levels.

John Key stands by embattled Judith Collins

Opinion: Chasing the enigma of the ‘centre’

One of the biggest issues Labour has faced in the run-up to this election is creating a clear, coherent identity for voters which is distinct from National.

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