Election 2014

PM calls for evidence of surveillance

Prime Minister John Key has challenged Edward Snowden and Glenn Greenwald to front up with evidence of their claims of mass surveillance and NSA bases in New Zealand.Mr Key responded this morning to Snowden’s claims that New Zealanders’…

Derek Cheng: Guest star leaves it all out there

Laila Harre first hinted at problems when she alluded to “a special guest” who may or may not show up for The Moment of Truth.People were expecting a video link with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, but technical difficulties had…

Dotcom telling the truth over email – Harre

Dotcom turns up empty-handed to ‘Moment of Truth’

Kim Dotcom turned up empty-handed for his own Moment of Truth.He had claimed for almost three years he could prove John Key had lied in relation to his copyright case.Last night, at the show he had organised, he proved nothing…


Elderly driver flees burning car

A homemade anti-freeze measure caused a car to catch fire in the the main street of Alexandra today.

Eminem sues National over election ad

The National Party is facing legal action over its use in an election ad of music similar to that of US rapper Eminem.

Friends and school mourn Corey Mclean

Southland man admits $350k fraud

A Southland man accused of fraud and theft has admitted several dishonesty charges, bringing his trial to an end.


Young men hardest to engage

Polling companies say they have a hard time engaging with young people on politics, particularly young men.

UN peacekeepers take charge in Central African Republic

A new UN mission has officially taken charge of peacekeeping operations in the Central African Republic.

Dotcom’s bomb a ‘bellyflop’ – Sabin

UN troops withdraw from Syrian Golan

Hundreds of UN troops have withdrawn to the Israeli-occupied sector of the Golan two weeks after al-Qaeda-linked rebels kidnapped dozens of peacekeepers.

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