Election 2014

David Fisher: Dotbomb’s disaster

Kim Dotcom had his time to shine and did not.He has talked for almost three years of a conspiracy to have him extradited. For almost all that time he has claimed to have proof which would be produced in court at his extradition…

Secret dangers of released GCSB documents

Secret documents which John Key says he made public to protect his reputation threatened massive damage to New Zealand’s wellbeing if made public without permission, according to the GCSB’s own threat estimates.The four documents…

PM calls for evidence of surveillance

Derek Cheng: Guest star leaves it all out there

Laila Harre first hinted at problems when she alluded to “a special guest” who may or may not show up for The Moment of Truth.People were expecting a video link with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, but technical difficulties had…


High risk Timaru paedophile jailed for 10 years

A Timaru man deemed a high risk paedophile has been sentenced to 10 years’ prison for sexually abusing children as young as three.

One injured in Dairy Flat explosion

There has been a large explosion at a rural property in Dairy Flat, with one person suffering severe burns.

Guilty priest may avoid conviction

Scientists to unpick colossal squid biology

Scientists in Wellington have examined a colossal squid after it was hauled up from the Ross Sea last year.


Dotcom’s former bodyguard trusts Key

Wayne Tempero joined Paul this evening to discuss why Dotcom would expose himself to the risk of having people see an email that might be fake.

Peters, voters want foreign buyers register

Poll voters agree with Winston Peters on establishing a register of foreign buyers.

Controversial XKeyscore ‘remarkably easy’

Getting voters off the fence

It’s always been a struggle getting young people to vote but a couple of Massey University masters students have come up with an online tool to help.

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